Water safety NEW ZEALAND

About Water Safety New Zealand


Water Safety New Zealand’s mission is to reduce the incidence drowning in New Zealand.  This clear purpose and reason for being is realised through the role WSNZ provides as a leader of the water safety sector in New Zealand.


WSNZ is proud to continue its longstanding partnership with AUSTSWIM.  The world over, more and more peak water safety organisations call upon the knowledge and expertise that AUSTSWIM provide when it comes to the teacher training needs of the aquatic industry.  AUSTSWIM have a rich history in the provision of outstanding training and accreditation in Australia.


The Structure

WSNZ is New Zealand’s leading water safety organisation, a not for profit organisation with head office in Wellington and several regional offices around New Zealand.  WSNZ leads, enables and funds the delivery of water safety programmes and services in New Zealand.

The WSNZ Board is comprised of representatives from the Core and General membership along with independent appointments.  There are 37 members in total, with Core members being Swimming New Zealand, Coastguard New Zealand and Surf Life Saving New Zealand.


Our Vision

That all New Zealanders will have the skills and behaviours necessary to enjoy the water safely.


Our Mission

Through water safety prevent injury and drowning.

Whakatauki  (Maori proverb, sayings that reflect the thoughts, values and advice of past generations)

Ka ora pea i a koe, ka ora koe i au.

  • I survive because of you, and you survive because of me.  It is essential that the survival of the people is through each member of the tribe, otherwise, the way that you work and teach others ensures the capacity for them to survive, eg in the water.

Ka kī te puku, ka ora te tangata. 

  • Literally translated means "When the stomach is full, a person is satisfied and well".  in this concept it is about the skills that you teach is food that provides the skills to satisfy the people.


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